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Screen Printing

When having a team of screen printers with over 20 years of screen printing experience, there is no job we can’t take on. Whether its 10 shirts or 10,000 shirts, were happy to make them for you and promise to only deliver the highest quality of printing. With a full time artist on hand, we can take your idea and turn it into something you can wear and be proud of. Want to know how this whole process works? Follow these steps: 

Step one: It all starts off with a conversation. Call or email us and just tell us what you're looking for. Feel free to surf our catalog to get an idea of what type of apparel you want. If you don't know exactly what you're looking for, that's okay. We are happy to assist you and give you recommendations based on our experience. 


Step two: We will need a design. If you already have a design and know what you want it on then great! We will send you back a quote and a proof of artwork. The artwork will show your design on the shirt you want. If the quote and artwork is approved, then we start making your apparel right away. If you don't have a design, that's okay too! We offer free design consultation. Just tell us the picture that’s in your head and we can make it happen. 


Step three: Send us a list of sizes through email. 


Step Four: Production! We start making the shirts and send you updates upon the way. Screen printing orders take 7-10 business days after proof of artwork. Although, we’ve been known to make them faster and can make them faster if you’re in a time crunch. 


Step Five: We double check every shirt to ensure that it was made correctly. We also recount the order so we know everything you ordered is there!


Step Six: Payment and Delivery. We send invoices with the option to pay with a credit card online. We find this is easiest for most people and usually results in quicker payments. Check or cash is also fine. We deliver on all orders in the Kentuckiana area. Just tell us where we're going and we’ll see you there. You can also come pick them up from our shop in Middletown. Totally up to you all. 

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